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We offer catering formulas to take away  and to privatize the Guinguette, at Lake Belcaire.

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Wedding, EVJF/EVG/birthday/cousinade weekend.. in the mountains on the shores of Lake Belcaire or at home! It's possible !

A time in the mountains in the Aude Pyrenees,FULL NATURE IN THE OPEN AIR,

We invite you to come and celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette party, a cousinhood, a retirement, a birthday, take a break, group cohesion….

In the mountains, we have fun like crazy because we manage to give meaning to the important events of life, surrounded by friends, family, co-workers, etc.

all in the simplicity of the natural environment and in the quality of the products!

You can privatize part of La Guinguette Au Bord Du Lac for a day.

We are at your disposal to make your day evolve according to your expectations:

Buffet, toast, cocktail, meal, accommodation, music, … and so many other services depending on your budget.

From mid May to end of September.

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